Twitter took a significant step by permanently suspending numerous accounts linked to the terrorist organization Hamas.

The platform also removed offensive and misleading content.

After recent Hamas attacks in Israel, disturbing content, including graphics and violent videos, went viral on Twitter.

The European Union warned Twitter to remove such content promptly.

The EU introduced new rules under the Digital Services Act, imposing fines on companies that fail to comply.

Twitter may face penalties of up to 6% of its revenue for non-compliance and could even be banned in EU countries.

In response, the European Commission's President wrote a letter to Elon Musk's company.

Twitter has taken action by banning several Hamas-related accounts and removing harmful content.

These measures are part of broader efforts to combat the spread of harmful and misleading content, especially in international conflicts.

Twitter's actions aim to reduce the dissemination of harmful and deceptive material on social media platforms.

Taking Down Terrorism: Twitter's Battle Against Harmful Content